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Why can’t I fall asleep?

Why can’t I fall asleep?

There are many different things that can stop you from getting a good night's sleep. Not to mention develop sleeping disorders.

Let's look at some of the ways to help you get a better night's sleep:

1. Turn off the lights and make the room as dark as possible. Some people prefer to have a light on but most do not. We sometime forget that and try to fall asleep with a small light on in the room. If you are still having trouble you can try to use black-out curtains and/or an eye mask.

2. Avoid coffee and other caffeinated drinks like soft drinks. Drinking these all day can cause some people to stay awake when it is time to go to bed. If you still rely on caffeine to start your day, make sure to limit it as the day goes on or plainly stop/switch to decaf after lunch.

3. Reading a book will help certain people to relax and drift off to dream land. The key is to stop reading and put the book down when you start to feel tired, not continue to read another 50 pages.

4. Get rid of distractions, both in the room and that internal voice that talks to you in your head. So put the remote control away, the files from work, and any other items that are there.

5. Exercise is both great for your sleep and for your overall health. A problem comes up when you try to exercise too close to the time you plan on going to bed. because you will end up feeling more energized when you are done. It is best to exercise as soon as you get done with work so that you have a couple hours to unwind before bedtime.

6. Take a hot bath to help you relax and pamper yourself. Adding fragrance like lavender in forms of bubble bath, scented Epson salts (which also can help with muscle aches), or even special essential oils directly. The feeling of the warm water on your body can help not only your muscles and mind relax but also let the day wash away. You should let that warm feeling sweep over you and continue with you after your bath is complete. Some studies show it is best to take a hot bath about 1-2 hours before you plan on going to bed to let the body cool down by increasing body circulation in the extremities.

7. SSHHHHH… quiet! Most people need to have silence in the room while they try to fall asleep. If this is not a possible solution, there are noise canceling headphones that are comfortable to sleep in or you can try adding a white noise machine to your bed stand will help. Some people find true silence more stressful as they can’t get out of their own head and are constantly worrying about things. If you find white noise more annoying than womb-like peaceful, try relaxation music designed for sleep, mediation, yoga, etc.

8. If you have a pet and you allow them to sleep on the bed with you, having them close to you might help you fall asleep faster. The thought of having them right there will bring a calm feeling over your body. Be careful though, pets can also cause you to have interrupted sleep that you aren’t even aware of. If you have success getting to sleep but don’t feel rested after a long night’s sleep, try kenneling or keeping your pets in a different room while you sleep. Unless you have an incredibly high end mattress where one side of the bed doesn’t feel the movements of the other, you are likely continually have your sleep disturbed, every time your pet moves. Animals tend to move a lot in their sleep and greatly affect your sleep.

9. That leads to another important factor… your mattress. While this is important to being able to fall asleep, it is extremely critical to staying asleep. A wise person once told me to invest in anything that comes between you and the ground (especially your shoes, tires, and mattress). If you have tried everything else, upgrading your sleep environment is another important step. Now for many people this may take a bit of time to save up but it is worth the wait and investment. A good night sleep can improve so many aspects of your life. A quality mattress can make a HUGE difference in your life. Each person/couple are different and needs like softness/support are different for everyone. Remember that the average mattress is only good for 8-10 years for many reasons so you may be in need for a new one. Also make sure you are washing your sheets (especially pillow cases) regularly, have a decent humidity in the room (try a humidifier if the air is feeling dry), and may even consider a small air purifier for you you night stand to help better breathing while sleeping. Having a good environment to sleep is just as important to what you do yourself.

10. Self-hypnosis is another way to help to relax. And it is not as hard and scary as some people think. You just start to put yourself in a relaxed mindset and just relax. You can also use a self-hypnosis audio file to help. Or you can contact a person that does hypnosis and they can help you with getting to the proper place to start.

11. Just do it, I know it sound a little blunt. With a little determation and envisioning the great things that you are going to do the next day, can and will put you in the right mindset to fall asleep fast and stay asleep.

Did you know Insomnia can lead to these problems?

1. Low Energy & Extreme Fatigue

2. Risk of Diabetes

3. Memory Loss

4. Anxiety & Depression

5. Weakened Immune System

6. Weight Fluctuations

7. Risk of Heart Disease

8. Serve Headaches

With all the health benefits that come with a good night's sleep you owe it to yourself to try and get the best you can. If you continue to have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep please contact you Doctor for further measures that you can take. Ignoring sleeping disorders have serious consequences. While we hope these techniques improve your sleep, if you are still having problems, please seek professional medical help.

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