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Solving problem with NLP (Meta Model)

In an NLP course you are taught that the conscious mind can only handle a very small amount of information at any one time. For the sub-conscious mind to understand reality it must first generalize, delete, and distort the information coming in. . The sub-conscious mind can handle about over 2.3 million bits/ sec. to about 126 bits /sec. number of bits of information at one time is all the conscious mind can handle. So, it must do this efficiently as possible.

Every person has all the resources they need to succeed. To be happy, to be fulfilled, and to have whatever they want in life. But people perceive that they don’t have the resources, because they live in limited model of the world. Their perception of their world is that they don’t have the resources to solve the problem. If I can get them out of their box of problems, get them to where they are resourceful and get their sub-conscious mind working on other possible resources, then they are able to solve their problem.

In order to help people, you must question the person’s reality. Once you question them, they will begin to question the borders or the sides of their problem box. Because the answer to the problem is not in their reality, therefore it must be outside their box of reality. Or to put it another way, by questioning where the solution may be, it shines a whole new light on the problem.

When it comes to using NLP or the Meta Model, we can break it down to three different categories:

1. Delete-The sub-conscious mind literally deletes the resources or experiences from the person model of reality.

2. Distortion- To take something that means one thing and change it to mean something different. It is using an old experience to make sense of a new or different situation.

3. Generalize- When you take what information you know about a situation and apply it to all things in a category or new and different situation. They can be both a great way of looking at a situation or it can be a very toxic way of looking at a situation.

These are used by the sub-conscious mind for a positive purpose to create the reality of the world around each one of us.

These are a very few of the many tool that are used an NLP person can use to help you find the solution to the problem.

If you find yourself with a problem or in a situation that you can’t seem to find the answer. Give us call and let us take a new look at the problem, and find the answer.

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