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Six Principles for Success

I know we have all set goal or outcomes that didn't come true, right? But have you ever actually sat down and looked at why? I mean really looked at the root cause? “How could I have changed the outcome?” Having studied several different books, from authors like Napoleon Hill and others and with NLP… the following six steps can better assist you achieve your outcomes:

1. Always Know your Outcome - To get what you want in life you have to know what you want. If you don't know what you want, the universe is going to just throw random things at you, and you may not like them. Be specific as to what you want; the Universe responded to that. Whatever you focus on will return to you.

2. Take REAL Action - Most people miss this important step when it comes to getting what you want in life. Action will get you faster and larger desired outcomes.

3. Pay Attention to your Results- You have to pay attention to your results you are getting from your actions. And this means any little results. They all add up to be a big result.

4. Be willing to Change your Behavior - If you are not getting the results you want, you will need to change. Persistence is a key element to getting what you want, but you must be willing to change if you aren't getting where you want to be. And it doesn't mean you need to change your outcome. It is better to first change your behavior and actions than to adjust your goals/outcomes.

5. Always focus on Excellence - When you focus on excellence you will get excellent results, if you focus on perfection you will be paralyzed with doubt. Perfection is a comparison to an external ideal that cannot be achieved consistently or even at all. Excellence is a comparison of yourself to who you were before.

6. Live your Life with Gratitude and Integrity - To be thankful and grateful for everything you have in your life. As for integrity all you need to do is do what you say and say what you do.

If you can apply these six simple step to all areas of your life then you will have the success that you desire.

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