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Releasing Negative Emotions (Triggers)

First what is a negative emotion or trigger? We all have them. Who here can relate when a driver cuts you off in traffic? This is also known as road rage. That feeling you get when it happens is a negative emotion; the feeling of wanting to just "slap " that person in two. This can be a real dangerous moment in your life. You are not in control of yourself and can hurt others. What causes this? The part of your brain that makes the decision to fight, flight or freeze. We have had the same responses for millions of years, but today we don't have to worry about getting eaten by a saber-toothed tiger. That response has done a great job at keeping us safe through the ages. Most of us today aren't dealing with those life-or-death real threats; most of us are dealing with the daily symbolic threats: traffic tickets, someone offending us in some way, a deadline at work. I know there are places like warzones, gang areas, and jails that have real threats to a person. But for the most part, we live in a modern word with modern amenities.

So, what do we do when we have feelings like this? What can we do to get out of this primitive, lizard like brain? The way to start is to slow things down! If you become more mindfulness of yourself, start looking at things in a different way, remember that you are in control of your own thoughts, and make sure that you are giving energy to what you really want, you can regain that control.

Your body posture is important as well. Sit up straight, shoulders back and give you lungs the ability to expand. Give yourself room to breathe. And since you are breathing, I didn't need to tell you to breath.

The next thing to work on is breathing. Paying attention to your breath is important, the rate and tempo, and where it is in the body. Just by giving your attention to your breath, you already have begun to change. Now notice the feeling you have in this moment, because this moment is just for you. And this is a wonderful feeling, isn't it?

Now how I want you to look at yourself. But not though your own eyes, but to look at yourself as if you were out of your body. though someone else's eyes. What would they be saying about what you are doing?

Now if you can, stand-up and shake your arms and body to release the tension.

Take a long deep breath and become more mindful toward yourself. This will help your brain refocus on something else other then the problem at hand.

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