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How To Identify An Unhealthy Relationship

How To Identify An Unhealthy Relationship

Sometimes, we don’t realize we are dealing with an unhealthy relationship until we take a step back and do some reflection.

Nobody wants to admit that they are in a relationship that doesn’t seem to be working, and it can be difficult to identify the signs that the situation isn’t going particularly well.

Unhealthy relationships don’t always have to spell disaster, and they don’t necessarily mean you have to break up with your partner.

Sometimes, identifying the issues in a relationship can be the perfect springboard for further discussion to repair the situation. In some situations, it may be wise to identify issues, try to come to a solution, and if you can’t, move on knowing you’ve cleared the air.

Before you make any major decisions, look at our tips on how to identify an unhealthy relationship.

How to tell if you are dealing with an unhealthy relationship:

You Apologize Constantly

If you haven’t done anything wrong, but your partner is making you feel a little bit self-conscious, awkward, or as though you should apologize, chances are you are in an unhealthy relationship.

You shouldn’t feel the need to apologize constantly. Sometimes anxiety and issues with our self-esteem can make us feel like we must be particularly apologetic. If your partner makes you feel this way, you should consider addressing the issue.

You Don’t Make Each Other Laugh

There is so much joy in laughter and it is so important for a healthy, functioning relationship.

If laughter seems to have faded from your relationship, or you can't remember the last time you shared a joke, then it may be a good idea to spend some time together and examine why this is.

You Argue Constantly

If you can't go more than a few minutes without arguing with your partner, or you both are continually snapping at one another, it may be a sign that you’re in an unhealthy relationship.

If your relationship is making you feel stressed more than it is making you happy, and you can’t stop arguing with each other, then it may be time to address the problem.

It is possible there is a communication problem and you are making each other unhappy.

You Don’t Spend Time With Each Other

Life is busy and sometimes couples barely see each other. If you don’t see each other, then you don’t have the opportunity to bond and connect.

If you’re barely even seeing or acknowledging each other, then your relationship may not be stable, and you may not feel as though you have a partner!

Your Partner Makes You Cry

Essentially, if your partner is making you so miserable that you’ve found yourself having sleepless nights, being sad, or crying for no reason, then there are clear issues.

If your partner is making you sad and refusing to apologize or take responsibility, then there is a breakdown in the relationship.

Your relationship should be a happy one. All couples fight and have their issues, but compromise and acceptance are important building blocks in a relationship.

If you find you are constantly miserable, then it may be worth addressing your unhealthy relationship and either rectifying it or wishing each other well and seeking happiness independently.

Just remember, you both must be happy to build a stable, loving relationship. Good luck!

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