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Goal Setting: S-M-A-R-T

Goal Setting

First what is a Goal? Something that you want right, but is it something you are trying to reach? Something that is just out of your grasp? But once you have finished the task you have an outcome. That is why I like to say outcome rather than Goal. An outcome is something you have accomplished and finished. So, what is the outcome you would like to reach? I am going to give you a simple plan to set , reach, and go beyond your outcome. So if you have ever tried to set an outcome and failed using these simple step can help you achieve what you want.

I am going to use the acronym SMART:

S – Is for SPECIFIC .You must be as SPECIFIC as possible; the subconscious mind LOVES for things to be specific. The more specific the better. And they must be simple, in other words they must be a single step to achieve. You cannot have a general statement, and hope to reach your outcome.

M –Is for MEASURABLE. It must be a MEASURABLE outcome; you must have a way to know when you have achieved the desired outcome. A lot of people say that happiness is a goal, I always ask “ How happy do you want to be 67 % happy or 87 on the happy scale. “ If the outcome is meaningful to you then you will do everything in your power to get that outcome. That way you know when you have gotten your outcome. What is the evidence that you need to have to make the outcome real to you. It could be a specific dollar amount in the bank account, or seeing the finished report on your desk.

A –Is for ACHIEVABLE. Is your outcome ACHIEVABLE? If your outcome is to have a million dollars in your bank by January 1 and you only have $600.00 to your name today, then the outcome is very unlikely to happen. The outcome needs to be in all areas of your life not just one, having it affect other areas greatly increases your likeliness for success.

R – Is for RESOURCES. do you have the available RESOURCES to complete your task? It does not just mean material things. It could be knowing someone that that the knowledge that you need to make getting the outcome you want possible. If you don't have the necessary resources available you can still take steps to get them.

T –Is for TIME. Your outcome must have a TIME limit; your subconscious mind works best with a deadline. You need to set a definite date and time for when you want the outcome to be finished.

I often use what is called" future-pacing" an outcome for a client. By setting a date/time that the outcome will HAVE had occurred, you imagine yourself at that future time having achieved what you wanted for your outcome. This allows you to visualize and set in your subconscious mind that the outcome is achievable.

Remembering the acronym SMART: SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE, RESOURCES, & TIME, I hope that these simple steps will help you to set, reach and go beyond your greatest outcomes.

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