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End the Chaos: 4 ways to Eliminate Stress in Your Life

End the Chaos: 4 ways to Eliminate Stress in Your Life

Karoshi is a Japanese phrase that literally translates to “death from overwork.” Yes, there is a word for death induced by something we all experience: stress.

It’s what you’ll feel if you’re a shy student who needs to give a presentation in front of your class or a worker who has a mountain of work to finish before a deadline.

Stress isn’t necessarily bad - it’s what allows you to rapidly leap out of the way when you see a car speeding towards you. When you’re in a perceived stressful scenario, your body’s emergency response system kicks in, filling your system with hormones that prepare your body to deal with the event.

Stress may aid your performance during an exam or job interview. However, too much or sustained stress can be harmful to your health. It can cause problems sleeping, disorganized thinking, headaches, depression, and death.

It’s easy to see why stress is referred to as either the spice of life or the kiss of death once you grasp this. When we talk about stress, however, we’re talking about the kind that has a negative impact on us. We’d all prefer to be free of that kind of stress.

Consider these ways to eliminate stress from your life:

  1. Identify stressors and take steps to reduce or remove them. Know what stresses you and how you react to it. When you’re stressed, for example, take notice of your thoughts, feelings, and behavior, possibly even writing them down.

You might deal with stress more efficiently if you become more conscious of your reaction to it.

Also, consider how you may avoid stressful situations in your life. If it isn’t possible, seek for ways to lessen their influence, such as by better organizing your tasks or time.

  1. Exercise and take care of your health. Adopt healthy behaviors. Physical activity can boost your mood and help you handle stress. You should also attempt to consume nutritious foods and avoid skipping meals as much as possible while ensuring that you get adequate sleep.

In addition, avoid harmful, so-called “solutions” to stress. Activities such as drug and alcohol abuse only increase stress in the long run, possibly by depriving you of your health and hard-earned money.

  1. Develop a sense of humor. We should not underestimate the importance of a sense of humor in dealing with stress.

Laughter is both invigorating and healthy. When we laugh, the body produces endorphins, while suppressing the production of adrenaline, which is one of the major stress-causing hormones.

  1. Get support. When under stress, talk things out with someone who understands. A confidant could be able to help you see things from a fresh perspective or even find a solution you hadn’t considered. And simply releasing your burdens can help you feel better.

People with social support networks cope with stress better and have stronger mental health than those who try to handle everything on their own.

When you’re too overwhelmed to handle it on your own or you realize that your stress is becoming chronic, it’s a good idea to seek professional help. This will help you to identify the source of the stress, as well as the triggers, and possibly help you lessen or eliminate it totally.

The world is becoming increasingly stressful. Stress reduction is more crucial than ever before for not just living a pleasant life, but for living itself. When we use the solutions presented, we can end the chaos caused by stress and truly enjoy our lives.

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