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Can Hypnosis/NLP help you lose weight? Here are a few ways to get-rid of the weight for good!

With the start of the new year, have you set weight loss goals for your new year’s resolution? Are you afraid that even if you can make those goals this year, that the weight won’t stay off?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Hypnosis can help in several different ways to not only help you lose the necessary weight to benefit your overall health but also keep it off.

Just imagine closing your eyes, and the idea of wanting your favorite food just floats away. With help, we can get your imagination to visualize yourself enjoying only the proper amounts of even your favorite foods. We will help you picture in your mind what it is like to put on your clothes and feel how they are not as tight as they were again, only a few weeks before. Using these processes will help you achieve and maintain those goals.

Here are a few of the ways that hypnosis & NLP can help you do just that:

1. Seeing is Believing – Working with the subconscious, we will help you visualize what it will be like living a healthy lifestyle. Simply, a person tends to achieve what they think about/focus on, so by concentrating on your target weight, your sub-conscious mind will lead you towards what you want.

2. Embrace the Positive – The sub-conscious mind will not acknowledge a negative anything, not an emotion, thought, or suggestion. It has been shown by thinking positive thoughts, not negative ones your mind works towards the outcome more effectively and the weight loss process is more successful. It is better to think you are a person that is going to be a healthier you than to think you are too overweight. Whatever you are trying to accomplish you need to be going toward your goal. Not away from something you don’t want!

3. Favorite Foods might be the Problem – Wouldn’t it be an amazing thing if your sub-conscious mind suddenly didn’t like that favorite food. With a simple NLP technique that is possible. Just think of how great it would be to look at that donut and not want it, or even better to be repulsed by the simple sight of it.

4. Practice for Excellence – We can help you with making the affirmations that you are eating healthy, exercising, and doing all that you can, and this will have results. But if you have a slight relapse it’s not the worst thing that could happen. The best way to look at something like that is that it is a lesson and learn from it, what happened, why did it happen, how can you handle it differently next time, how to be better prepared in the future.

5. Change, Change, and Change – You must make the change from with-in, and to make it an easier transition, we find that it is easier to change an existing behavior instead of trying to create a completely new one. It has been suggested that before you try to lose weight you should try to gain weight; I know that is a completely opposite concept of what you are trying to accomplish. But if you change your habits, for example: We might suggest you change your highest calorie food for something else like a half gallon of ice cream. But then suggest having a small bowl of frozen yogurt instead of that half-gallon of ice-cream.

There are lots of these techniques that we will use to help you reach your goals in a realistic and achievable manner.

While we thoroughly believe some of these tips can be used right now to start your journey to a better self, tapping into the subconscious to help make your weight loss become permanent usually requires a bit more help. If you are truly looking to transform your life this year and live a healthier, more balanced life, check out our hypnosis and NLP sessions. For the best value, try our Weight Loss Program. No matter how much help you are looking for, we have different techniques to help you in your journey. It never hurts to have a helping hand when achieving your goals.

Disclaimer: Most studies have shown a positive effect of hypnosis with weight loss, having combined with a weight management program. Relying on weight-loss hypnosis alone is not going to have a significant effect. But using it with life-style changes are well worth the time and energy to explore for most people. This is why for significant weight loss goals we recommend our Weight Loss Program which includes help with lifestyle changes and extra weekly check-ups.

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