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9 Methods To Master Self-Fulfillment as a Mom

9 Methods To Master Self-Fulfillment as a Mom

There is no denying it: mothering can be tough. Maslow’s theory places self-actualization as the pinnacle of all human needs; that is, the internal satisfaction of our achievements can only come once all other needs are satisfied.

The ability to feel satisfied with achieving hopes and aspirations is essential to internal happiness. Many mothers feel fulfilled when they see their kids grow in empowerment, love, and compassion.

While kids are a joy, they come with challenges - from schedules to sickness, to lack of sleep, and school woes.

Sometimes, the frustration and challenges of life are enough to make mothers uncomfortable - and this gets in the way of self-fulfillment.

One of the best ways to achieve self- fulfillment is through developing self-awareness - this is the ability to become conscious of your thoughts, moods, or behavior.

The guides below will help you develop the skill of self-awareness, and achieve self-fulfillment:

  1. Notice your moods. Pay attention to your feelings and mood every day, and identify what makes you smile or frown.

Know that you alone control your moods. Once you recognize your feelings, you can create happiness inside you.

  1. Listen to your inner voice. Two people are living in your head: one who motivates you, and one who discourages you.

○ Pay attention to the one that says positive things about you. That voice can put you up and raise your spirit.

  1. Read inspiring books. We all need regular doses of inspiration to keep our spirits high, and we can find these words in books.

○ Search for books, articles, or publications that you are interested in and commit to reading habits.

  1. Set goals for yourself. Set realistic goals for yourself, allowing you to recognize change and progress.

○ Look into your life and write down the ways you want it to change. For example, one of the most challenging moments for moms is how to balance careers with their new role of parenting.

  1. Find out where you’re doing well and where you’re underperforming.

○ Find out what is missing and what exactly you would like to improve - ask for feedback from those around you to help.

  1. Reflect on the life before kids. Think of things that gave you joy before kids; this could be a hobby, a side business, or another interest.

Think about those things you will want to continue. Consider how you can incorporate them into your current life. Perhaps take the time to hike each weekend with your children - this allows you to enjoy a hobby while still in “parent” mode!

  1. Take action. Now, you have spent enough time on the root cause of your dissatisfaction. The next step is to put an action plan on it.

Address one main point at a time and observe results.

  1. Start a gratitude journal.

○ Write something about yourself, your kids, your spouse, or your family every day to remind yourself of your fortune.

  1. Give yourself time. Relax when the kids are sleeping, food is prepared, and all chores are complete.

○ Don’t be that everyday working mother. Get some leisure time as well.

Final Thoughts

Mastering the tips above will yield everlasting fulfillment and allow you to live the life you deserve.

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