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7 Ideas to Enhance Your Communication With Your Partner

7 Ideas to Enhance Your Communication With Your Partner

Relationships are often easy in the beginning. The anticipation, newness, fun, and passion are all the fuel a new relationship needs to power it forward. However, these things tend to wane over time.

Communication becomes an imperative part of every relationship. Communication maintains and builds closeness. It also helps to avoid many of the misunderstandings and avoidable drama that plague many relationships.

If the communication with your partner is poor, it’s only a matter of time before the relationship greatly suffers. The best time to begin working on your communication with your partner is before you need it.

Use these strategies to enhance your relationship by enhancing your communication:

  1. Ask more questions. Questions are a powerful communication tool. They accomplish so much with so little effort.

Questions show interest. By asking a question, you’re implying that you care. People like it when you demonstrate that you care.

Questions help to remove confusion and ambiguity. Rather than make assumptions and potentially create a bigger issue, just ask a question and verify what is happening.

Questions aren’t a lot of work. Just ask the question, be quiet, and listen. You can be quite the skilled conversationalist just by asking a couple of good questions. Asking good questions can make all of your relationships more rewarding.

  1. Listen. Half of communication is listening. When it’s your partner’s turn to talk, listen. Most people don’t really listen. All they want to do is speak. Listening is often seen as simply waiting for another opportunity to talk, but this is a huge mistake. People are well aware whether you’re listening or just biding your time.

  2. Communicate your needs. Don’t make it difficult for your partner to know what you need from them. Tell them! There’s no reason to make it a secret. Make it easy for others to help you and to make you happy.

Communicating your needs is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your relationship.

  1. Spend more time together. It’s important to share some of the same experiences. It helps you to learn more about each other and gives you something to talk about. Shared experiences provide the opportunity for better bonding. What are some things that you both like to do?

  2. Avoid assumptions. Assumptions unnecessarily create additional challenges in all relationships. It’s easier to be 100% certain than to guess. Assumptions lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings. If you’re not sure about something, ask.

  3. Address the situation rather than attack your partner. If your partner is doing something you don’t like, address what they are doing. This is much more effective than attacking your partner. No one likes to be attacked. It shuts down communication and creates animosity.

  4. Have fun together. Do fun activities together. Do things together that are enjoyable. Communication is easier when everyone is having a good time. You’ll like each other more if you can have fun with each other. If all the time you spend together is miserable, your relationship and your communication will suffer.

Better communication with our partners is something that we know we need, but it’s not always obvious how to accomplish it.

Fortunately, the basics are easy to accomplish. Spend more meaningful time together, focus on being an excellent listener, and communicate your needs. These simple steps can enhance your relationship significantly.

A meaningful relationship is worth the effort. Make your communication with your partner a priority.

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