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4 Ways to Get Motivated on Monday Morning

4 Ways to Get Motivated on Monday Morning

The internet is full of memes about Mondays. Listen to a few. “If every day is a gift, I’d like to know where I can return Mondays.” “The three worst words to hear: Tomorrow is Monday.” And “God gave us Mondays to punish us for what we did during the weekend.”

These memes might make you laugh, but they also highlight this truth: Mondays can be tough. For most, on Mondays, it's tough to get out of bed. On Mondays, it's tough to find the energy to get out of the house. And no matter how much we try, on Mondays, it's tough to be productive.

No wonder most of us see Monday as a scene from a horror movie that fills us with dread, and we can’t wait to skip.

Yet, we all know that there are benefits to taking charge of our Mondays. Yes, it is the springboard to a well-propelled, productive week - a week that will determine if our bills get paid or not and if we will get closer to our goals or not.

Without a doubt, Mondays can be a bitter pill to swallow. Yet the benefits of managing it well make it worthwhile swallowing this pill.

Do you know, though, that there are strategies we can use to make it easier to deal with Monday?

Yes, getting through Monday does not need to feel like wading through quicksand. These strategies can leave you feeling energized and motivated as your week begins, Increasing the chances of you enjoying the week and looking forward to the next one.

Let’s look at four strategies that can leave you motivated on Monday morning:

  1. Get adequate sleep the night before. There’s an alleged proverb that goes, “Good laugh and long sleep are the best cures in a doctor’s book.” This is, in fact, emphasized by studies that show that adults need about seven to nine hours of sleep each night.

● Not getting the required sleep has a negative impact on our health and life.

● For instance, not getting enough sleep has links to low immunity, high blood pressure, and even diabetes. Research has also shown that sleep has connections to some important brain functions. Some of these are cognition, concentration, and productivity.

● We can’t state enough the value of getting enough sleep the night before. It will improve your brain functions, your mood, and, of course, your Monday mornings.

  1. Plan your Mondays beforehand. The need to decide in haste can lead to stress. What will I wear? Where or what books or files will I need today? Think about how uncomfortable scrambling to decide these leave you.

● If you allow your Monday mornings to be chaotic, it will set a chaotic tone for the day.

● Reduce the stress on Monday mornings and increase your motivation by planning. Set out and even iron your outfit the night before. Pack your bags with what you’ll need at school or work on Monday. Plan what you’ll eat for breakfast and lunch beforehand.

● You’ll find that you’ll be ready to meet your Monday Morning with excitement when you prepare in advance.

  1. Make exercise a part of your routine. There are feel-good chemicals we can use to give ourselves a boost on Monday mornings. These are endorphins, pain relievers, and mood boosters produced by our bodies. One way to trigger their release is by exercising.

● That’s saying, our mornings can feel a lot better if we start our day with a run or bike ride or some other form of a work-out. According to research, dancing is an excellent way to boost productivity and inspiration.

● Groove to your favorite tunes for a few minutes on Monday morning and enjoy a boost in your motivation.

  1. Eat a nutritious meal every morning. Nutritionists say eating well in the morning improves resistance to illnesses and fatigue. Eating a healthy breakfast plays a huge role in your having a great day. It gives you that jolt of energy you need to perform well, be in a cheerful mood, and be productive.

● We are what we eat. When we have a substantial breakfast, we will have great motivation on Monday mornings.

Mondays are not as terrible as the world makes us believe. They are as much fun as Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. But only if we make them that way. Apply all we’ve discussed, become motivated, and propel your Mondays, your week, and your life.

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