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We at NENLP+ believe in providing the best to all our clients and students. We offer the best guarantee - for clients it is a results guarantee, for students we believe that after attending a live class that you are not confident in your abilities. You can take the same training over at no cost.

What we guarantee


With personal sessions we offer a results guarantee. If for some reason the session was not what you expected. We will do another free of charge.


For group classes we will work with you on the issue. And include another group class free of charge.

NLP Tutor

With NLP Tutor we guarantee that you will have the confidence to do the exercises, that you can return and take the class again. 

How can we offer this ?

  • We have the best Master NLP Practitioners / Trainers and we know that they will give you the best experience. 

  • We deliver the most up to date content with the highest quality instruction.

  • We know that going through our programs you will have deeper level of your abilities, and the confidence in yourself to handle the things that come into your office.

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